Advocate and Scientific Advisory Boards

The Scientific Advisory Board

The PLS Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consists of expert members with an academic and medical background .They advise the executive project steering committee on scientific progress and opportunities to help safeguard scientific quality.

Willem-Pieter de Boode


Expertise: Neonatal Haemodynamics, Advanced Haemodynamic Monitoring; ExtraCorporeal Life Support (ECLS); Neonatologist Performed Echocardiography (NPE).

Dr. Arno van Heijst, MD, PhD


Expertise: neonatal and pediatric ECMO.

Yves Jacquemyn

Obstetrics/ Perinatal medicine – Antwerp University Hospital UZA and Antwter University UA- Belgium.

Prof. Dr. Claudius Diez

Cardiac surgeon & cardiac intensivist

Expertise: cardiovascular and respiratory physiology, extracorporeal life support, medical device development and regulation.

Elizabeth Chloe Romanis

Assistant Professor in Biolaw – Durham University, UK.

Monica Fumagalli

Policlinico di Milano

The Advocate Advisory Board

The Advocate Advisory Board (AAB) is comprised of advocate representatives and engagement experts, and is committed to delivering an advocate-centric approach ensuring that advocates are represented from the beginning of PLS system development. The advocates have been actively involved in discussions throughout the project and assist in defining advocate needs, communicating about the PLS project to advocate communities, and translating scientific findings to the public. 

Sanne Basten

Patient expert – Maxima medical center Veldhoven.

Expertise: law studies. 

Sylvia Obermann 

Family Doctor – RadboudUMC lecturer EBM at specialty training of Family Doctors. 

Coordinator Science and quality of care at Care4Neo, the Dutch National parent and patient organization for premature, dysmature and sick neonates. 

Marijn Vermeulen

Board member Care4Neo