PLS researchers present their latest work at recent conferences

PLS researchers present their latest work at recent conferences

PLS researchers Bettine van Willigen and Juliette van Haren recently represented the project at ESPNIC2021 and XXVII European Congress of Perinatal Medicine, and gave presentations about their latest work. Read more here!

Arielle, the digital twin

The PLS system is being developed to increase chances of survival of extremely preterm infants (<28 weeks of gestational age). To develop such a complex medical device, knowledge from different fields needs to be integrated into one single system. Mathematical models are used to support this integration. Bettine is developing a new model named Arielle: a digital twin of the PLS system. When the PLS system is implemented, Arielle should be able to interpret vital signals and act as a patient specific decision support tool.

How to transfer a premature fetus to the PLS system?

This is a completely new procedure and raises challenges – how to design it to be safe, hygienic and effective? How to train the health care professionals who will carry out the transfers? Juliette is incorporating these questions in a clinical simulation protocol that is being developed as part of the PLS project. With this approach, PLS aims to establish a step-by-step plan, informed by literature and expert consultation. The simulation will offer realistic training for the transfer procedure, as well as inform the future development of the PLS devices.