PLS researchers featured on Dutch television

PLS researchers featured on Dutch television

In December 2021, PLS researchers Jasmijn and Lyla were invited to a Dutch talkshow which did a feature episode on life in the future. 

Scheefgroei is a Dutch television series of talk shows, broadcast by BNNVARA starting in 2021. It is presented by Jeroen Pauw, with contributions from investigative journalist Sander Heijne. The series deals with economic inequality between groups of citizens in the Netherlands.

The second season, broadcast from December 21, 2021, dealt with different topics. The sixth and final episode philosophizes about life in the year 2070.

PLS project

Jasmijn and Lyla Kok tell about the PLS research project. Every year 600 children die in the Netherlands because they were born prematurely and the current treatment method cannot provide the right support. It has only been 40 years since IVF was successfully used. This episode is about 50 years from now: where do we stand then in the field of fertility and birth? 

Are you curious about the episode? You can check out the fragment on the Juno Perinatal Health website.