PLS is Back in Another De Ingenieur Article

An attachment developed by TU/e ​​to transfer the premature baby in fluid from the mother to the artificial womb. Photo Bart van Overbeeke.

A recent article in the popular Dutch magazine De Ingenieur again features the PLS Project in an exciting piece on   “Artificial Alternatives to Vital Organs.” 

Elucidating the essential role organs have in sustaining human life, the article outlines the difficulties in providing suitable replacements when something goes wrong. With a lack of access and long waiting times, the necessity for a viable alternative couldn’t be more important. 

The perinatal life support system provides one such option. With the ability to facilitate the growth of very early life in a safe environment, PLS technology could have a huge and positive impact on extremely premature children.

Read more about our technology and other artificial alternatives to vital organs (in dutch) here.