PLS Feature at Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week's "Drivers of Change" features PLS

The PLS project attended The University of Eindhoven’s Dutch Design Week and displayed its work as one of the drivers of change. 

It has become clear to us that, more than ever, we’re facing enormous challenges. Whether it’s climate, sustainability, efficiency, food, healthcare, energy, housing, mobility… there’s a lot of work to be done. Change is the only constant; However, this change is vital – remaining where we are now has long since ceased to be an option. TU/e is home to change agents and innovators. It’s where brilliant minds, enthusiasts, passionate researchers and designers work on solutions for tomorrow. Be amazed by our Drivers of Change.

Increasing extremely premature babies’ quality of life

TU/e had this to say about our project: 

“Each year in the Netherlands, 700 extremely premature children (24-28 weeks) are born. An artificial womb in which a premature baby can stay for 4 weeks could significantly increase the baby’s chances and quality of life. Scientists have been working for years on the design and production of an artificial womb; a ‘new incubator’. This is both a clinical, technological and ethical challenge, and many steps have yet to be taken.”

Read the full article here: article

Our set-up at DDW

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