PLS at EPNIC conference

PLS at ESPNIC conference

Two PLS abstracts accepted by ESPNIC conference

Two abstracts are accepted by the ESPNIC (The European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care) conference, which is hosted online at 15-18 June . The follwing abstracts are submitted:

– ‘Towards a Premature Fetal Manikin for Model-Driven Simulation to Validate Perinatal Life Support Technologies‘ by J.S. van Haren, M.W.H. Thielen, M.B. van der Hout-van der Jagt, S.G. Oei, F.L.M. Delbressine

– ‘The development of a digital twin of the perinatal life support system‘ by B.G. van Willigen, M.B. van der Hout-van der Jagt, and F.N. van de Vosse

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