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Het Financieele Dagblad: Artificial uterus must fool fetus article.

Lex Rietman – 13 February 2021-

The Netherlands is also working on the development of an artificial uterus. The TU/e – together with universities from Aachen and Milan – received a subsidy of € 2.90 million from the EU H2020 program for this. One of the characteristics of the Eindhoven project is to keep animal testing in the experimental phase to a minimum. High priority is also assigned to a rapid translation of the research results into a commercial product. Project coordinator Frans van de Vosse expects to have a “working system” by 2025. About 4 years later, the artificial uterus could be in the clinic. “We don’t necessarily have to be the first,” Professor Van de Vosse says by telephone. “We think it is more important to immediately provide training and testing facilities so that doctors learn how to use the system.” The project focuses on fetuses from 24 -28 weeks old.” In principle, no treatment takes place under 24 weeks, because the child is not viable,” says Van de Vosse. “So we are not going to push boundaries. We are trying to improve the prognosis of premature babies now treated in the incubator. ” Read here the Dutch article

Author: Chantal Schoen – e/MTIC