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Accuracy of homogeneous models for photon diffusion in estimating neonatal cerebral hemodynamics by TD-NIRS

Authors: Amendola, Caterina; Spinelli, Lorenzo; Contini, Davide; De Carli, Agnese; Martinelli, Cesare; Fumagalli, Monica; Torricelli, Alessandro. 

Abstract: We assessed the accuracy of homogenous (semi-infinite, spherical) photon diffusion models in estimating absolute hemodynamic parameters of the neonatal brain in realistic scenarios (ischemia, hyperoxygenation, and hypoventilation) from 1.5 cm interfiber distance TD NIRS measurements. Time-point-spread-functions in 29- and 44-weeks postmenstrual age head meshes were simulated by the Monte Carlo method, convoluted with a real instrument response function, and then fitted with photon diffusion models. The results show good accuracy in retrieving brain oxygen saturation, and severe underestimation of total cerebral hemoglobin, suggesting the need for more complex models of analysis or of larger interfiber distances to precisely monitor all hemodynamic parameters.

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Funding information: This research was partially funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union under grant agreement number 863087.