Meet The Researchers


The role of LifeTec is to provide meaningful platforms that can be used to test the technologies developed within the PLS project. We are currently focusing on a ex vivo organ model that can be used to evaluate prototype suitability in ensuring prolonged viability of individual organs. At the same time, we are developing a circuit to test the cannulation of the umbilical cord, a very critical point in the project. 


Mattia D’Alessi  

  • I am project leader of the PLS team at LifeTec Group and therefore the first contact person for the partners within the consortium. Within the work that we do at LifeTec for the PLS project I focus on blood management and setup automation. 

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Eindhoven University of Technology

They are the main applicant and have the final responsibility for integrating the different parts. They also develop some of those parts: Manakins, and transfer procedure.


Beatrijs van der Hout 

  • Supervising students and supporting the direction of and decision-making in the project. She advises the project coordinator in scientific, practical and organizational matters.  

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Eindhoven University of Technology - Department of Industrial Design

At the Dept. of Industrial Design we focus on the development of procedures, devices and other tools needed to validate, train and use the Perinatal Life Support system.  


Juliette van Haren 

  • Within the PLS project my focus is to design aspects of the PLS system, such as transfer devices, develop user scenarios as well as the development of so called ‘manikins’, that look like fetal robots and mimic the fetal anatomy and physiology. With these manikins we can perform tests, improve and fine tune the PLS system, without the use of animal experiments just yet. 

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