Get to know Beatrijs

  • What do you like most about working on (project)? 

Her different areas of expertise and interest come together in this project: She makes use of het background as a medical engineer, but also her degree in Midwifery. She loves how the project teaches her so many new things in different areas, from ethics to 3D printing. They are diverse, yet all related to her knowledge and interests. 

  • What is the coolest thing about your field? 

This field produces new insights at a rapid pace. The developments are quick, the possibilities are endless, what seemed impossible 10 years ago is possible now. At the same time, the pace allows people working in the field to remain up to date and involved with new developments. She enjoys being able to contribute to the field at large.  

  • What do you want to achieve with your research? 

Beatrijs aims to do meaningful work for families who find themselves in vulnerable situations: for example difficult pregnancies, maternal health issues, and children who have a rough start in life. Her focus is using her diverse knowledge and experience to contribute to better health outcomes for parents and children. 

  • Name a value that drives you? 

The value of human life. She believes that people who don’t have the same chances in life as others deserve better, and deserve someone trying their best to improve those chances. Improving the lives of others drives her in her work. 

  • Share a turning point or defining moment in your work as a scientist? 

She looks back on a fulfilling path to where she is now, and is grateful for the opportunities she has had along the way. She credits multiple people who helped her move forward the direction she was heading, like a mentor during her studies who encouraged her to continue in biomedical technology, and convinced her it was possible to combine it with her background in midwifery.  

  • What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 

Beatrijs enjoys home renovation, which she discovered when she and her husband remodeled their entire house. She was surprised by how much she is able to do herself, and appreciates the current era of online tutorials. She compares that to the field she works in: Much of the information you need to start something new is available and accessible, and if you dare to go for it, you’ll be surprised by all the possibilities.  

  • Name a favorite book/movie/podcast? Why is it so good? 

She doesn’t have one favorite to share, as she enjoys reading and watching a variety of media. She’ll read something one day and enjoy it, and then move on to the next interesting topic. 

  • What is your favorite quote?  

“De soep wordt nooit zo heet gegeten als zij wordt opgediend” / “Things are not as bad as they look”. Taking a step back to calmly evaluate the options is good in any situation that may seem urgent at first glance.