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We at PLS envisage a brighter future for preterm babies and their families. Our aim is to give babies born extremely prematurely the best chance of survival and growth.

Preterm birth can negatively impact families and caregivers. Not only are there emotional and physical stresses, but also the financial strain of NICU care and lifetime care of children with long-term effects such as cerebral palsy, learning disability, problems with concentration or hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder, feeding difficulties.

On this page, you will find a collection of resources for families.



We would love to hear from you

Caring for a premature baby is a journey that is unique for each individual, and only those who have experienced it know what it is like. If you are a parent/caregiver of a premature baby, or an adult who was born premature, and would like to share your unique stories with us or learn more about us, please get in touch.

You are not alone

Having a baby born pre-term can be frightening. There are various forums that provide support for caregivers.

Prematurity Awareness Page designed to Support premature babies x Preemie Moms. DM us and we will be glad to help out.
This group is meant for parents to share their stories of their preemie(s) and how far they have come in their lives in a caring and supportive environment. This group shares triumphs, setbacks, frustrations and positive advice to others that are on their continued "preemie journey".
A group of Mothers, Fathers and Legal Guardians of Micro Preemie children (babies born weighing approximately under 2 pounds and less than 27 weeks). This is a place where parents of Micros can find support and help in caring for their children who were born much too early.
Welcome! I was looking for a group about preemies that would be supportive, and helpful, and not asking for money. When I couldn't find one, I made this group! We have over 6000 members, who have questions, and answers, and are very welcoming to new people. There are members from all over the world. Thanks for checking the group out, and again... welcome. Heather Armstrong (creator)
The Tiny Miracles Foundation virtual support groups are held on Zoom every Thursday at 8 PM EST.
Hand to Hold® provides personalized support before, during and after a NICU stay to help ensure all NICU families thrive.
We created Graham’s Foundation to empower parents of premature babies to help improve outcomes for their preemies and themselves. We are committed to a world where no parent goes through the preemie journey alone.
We offer emotional and practical support to empower families and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best possible care to their baby, for however long they live and for however long their stay in neonatal care.
My NICU Baby® App – provides answers, tools and support to make your NICU journey better.


World Prematurity Day on 17 November is one of the most important days in the year to raise awareness of the challenges and burden of preterm birth globally. Everyone is warmly invited to join this day with activities or events: parent organisations, hospitals, non-profit organisations, healthcare professionals, societies, companies, politicians, media, and individuals.
RECAP preterm – Research on European Children and Adults born Preterm
March of Dimes NICU Family Support is a resource to improve the quality of the patient and family experience in NICU units.
Care4Neo supports parents when a baby is admitted to a hospital right after birth. They provide information and contact with peers in similar situations. In addition, they promote political representation and research into premature birth.
Kleine Kanjers is a platform for parents offering products that help families enjoy their time as much as possible - Despite all the worries, child birth and infancy are a special time!