Consortium meeting

First consortium meeting of the international project “Perinatal Life Support”

On the 2nd of June, the first consortium meeting of the international project “Perinatal Life Support (PLS)” was held. Due to the current circumstances, the consortium meeting was held via teleconference.

The PLS project aims to develop an artificial womb to increase the chances of survival for extremely premature born babies (born between 24-28 weeks). For these babies, the chances of survival increases with each day in the artificial womb, which serves as a replacement for an incubator. During the consortium meeting, the developments and results obtained during the first half year of the project were presented and discussed with the consortium partners. The first steps towards the Perinatal Life Support system are set.

Together, the PLS partners provide joint medical, engineering, and mathematical expertise to develop and validate the Perinatal Life Support system using breakthrough simulation technologies. The interdisciplinary consortium will push the development of these technologies forward and combine them to establish the first ex vivo fetal maturation system for clinical use. This project, coordinated by the the Eindhoven University of Technology brings together world-leading experts in obstetrics, neonatology, industrial design, mathematical modelling, ex vivo organ support, and non-invasive fetal monitoring. 

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 863087.