4th PLS consortium meeting in Eindhoven

The Perinatal Life Support (PLS) project marked another step forward during its fourth consortium meeting on June 21st and 22nd, 2023, held in Eidhoven. Partners from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy gathered to share progress updates, explore new ideas, and address technical challenges.

The PLS system aims to improve the survival rates of extremely premature infants (born between 24 to 28 weeks) by serving as an alternative to traditional incubators. Throughout the latest consortium meeting, the various research teams came together to share their recent findings and engage in collaborative discussions, exploring new project directions and addressing technical challenges.

The second day of the meeting counted with the the participation of the PLS Advocate Advisory and Scientific Advisory Boards (AAB/SAB) in a Q&A session. This allowed for meaningful discussions around ethics, parental involvement in decision-making, data privacy, and technical aspects of the device. Valuable recommendations from the AAB/SAB session were provided to the consortium.

As progress moves forward, the PLS project aims to improve perinatal care and offer new hope to extreme premature infants. The interdisciplinary consortium will continue to focus on the development of PLS technology, with the ultimate goal of establishing the first ex vivo fetal maturation system for clinical use.