The PLS Project Features in the Latest Edition of NZZ Folio

PLS is proud to announce that the project was recently featured in the latest edition of NZZ Folio, a bi-monthly supplement in Neuen Zürcher Zeitung (New Zurich Newspaper).

The PLS project, spearheaded by a team of dedicated researchers and medical experts, has made significant strides in providing a solution for the adverse health outcomes of premature birth. The article, penned by Reto U. Schneider, deputy editor-in-chief of NZZ Folio, offers a comprehensive overview of the project’s developments, nuances, and the brilliant minds driving it forward.

Reto begins by exploring the misconceptions around terminology used in this brand-new line of research before moving onto PLS’ ambitions, ethical considerations, and the necessity for the project’s medical advancements.

Read the full article in German or English to learn more.

Photo taken from article.

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